No kid should be harassed at school.

UHATIN?® UNIVERSITY (UHU) is everybody’s school for positivity.  Founded in 2008 to tackle the bullying problem and rotten behavior that plague schools, sports and social media.   UHU has roots in Hip Hop music and culture. Through a network of volunteer Ambassadors, UHU delivers very entertaining  programs to:

  • Schools (Including Alternative Schools)
  • Youth Sports Programs
  • Youth Civic Groups

Student Ambassadors champion LIFT PEOPLE UP  attitudes in schools, athletics and their communities.  College and High School students lifting up Middle School Students lifting up Elementary kids.   Students are having the biggest impact by coming together and solving this problem with a little lovin’ support from:

  • Celebrities
  • Business Leaders
  • Civic Leaders
  • Parents
  • Educators

UHU’s Goal:  Have Ambassadors, with the tools and training they need, in every school worldwide. Raise awareness, in a fun and entertaining way, and make it popular not to hate.

Interested in representing your school or city as a UHU Ambassador?  Sign up HERE