Get Involved

UHU Get InvolvedThis is the best campaign in the world!  Way better than any negative political campaign*.  

The only requirement to participate is a commitment to lift people up.  The uLovin® Campaign will rock on until we’ve eradicated violence and abuse in society and every school is free from crabs, bully’s and haters.

WE have come a long way since 2008.  WE continue to change lives and have established a solid foundation to leave a BIG (+) MARK around the world.  WE dream BIG and encourage others to do the same.

2014 GOALS:

  • SOCIALLY: Get as many of the 315 million Americans and 7 billion breathing human beings of other great countries to take the Lift People Up Pledge.
  • LIVE: Establish Corporate Ambassadors to support expansion of our outreach programs nationally. (Worldwide in 2015-2016)
  • ALTERNATIVE ROLE MODELS:  Expand the network of celebrities, business, civic and student leaders participating in our programs; virtually, socially  and live.
  • SIMPLIFY PARTICIPATION:  Steam line sign ups, training and tools.


  • STUDENTS: First and foremost – you have the biggest impact by making one decision. LIFT PEOPLE UP in life.  Make it a habit!    All day ~ every day.  Lead the effort ~ others will follow. 
  • PARENTS, EDUCATORS & COACHES:  Embrace and support students, you are with them most.  Make this one decision with them.   Help our students bring a positive spirit to school ~ without harassment!  Create an amazingly fun & positive environment to learn.
  • CELEBRITY, BUSINESS & CIVIC LEADERS:  Your influence as a role model is tremendous.  Help students establish top notch core values for their lives.


Take a little time:

  • Share the Lift People Up Pledge  with friends and family on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Make Lifting People Up a habit.

Commit more time:

SIGN UP and volunteer to:

1. Do a short video shout out signing the pledge card (or do it verbally.)

2. Support an outreach program in your hometown

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I’m totally down and dedicated to help:

Champion and coordinate an outreach program into:

  • A School
  • A Sports League
  • A Civic or Church Group

By joining The uLovin® Campaign and enrolling in UHatin?® University, you help share the secret to success by lifting people up and treating others better than you like to be treated.  You are committed to make your life and the life of others the best it can be.

If you need further information please email us:

RATED PGK *(Politicians are encouraged to join by embracing debate, be a better example and run positive campaigns.)