FIXit: Jeaoulsy

UHU35 UniversitySeeds of hatred come in many forms.  Jealousy is right at the top of the list.  How often have you found your temperature rise because you are jealous?  More importantly, how often have you found yourself doing something you regretted because you were full of rage?  One can argue that jealousy of being outperformed can be a motivator.   One would hope everyone would agree that when jealousy drives one to be abusive or violent, that jealousy is not good.

In relationships, jealousy can be responsible for torment for sure.  It can also lead to acts that can put you in prison.  If you ever find yourself in that situation, remember that there are other options, lots of fish in the sea.

Hate is a powerful emotion, the more we learn how to control and neutralize it, the world will become a better place. One love.


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