Change This World Together

Change This World TogetherUHatin?® University’s theme song  & Alma Mater.

The chorus says it all:

“We never make the same mistakes. We do the opposite – campaign to bury the hate.  Divided we all fall ~ together we stand tall ~
I’m talking to all y’all ~ Change This World  ~ Together!”  (#CTWT)

Music is an instrumental part of the Campaign and this song is designed to bring people together and unity back into community.  All of our outreach programs include students/participants practicing and then singing the chorus of this song at the conclusion of each event.

In January of 2013, UHatin?® University was invited to perform this song at the Ambassadors Inaugural Ball honoring President Obama and his family.  Truly an honor for UHU to be recommended to the event organizers.

2013 Ambassadors Inaugural Bal








We want everyone on this planet to have this song!

BUY it and support UHatin?® University!




OR  ~ DOWNLOAD “Change This World Together” free!

Artists are welcome to  “DOWNLOAD Change This World Together” with an open verse and create your own version of the song.

Print the LYRICS.  Encourage students and staff to create their own verse.  Work with your music teacher, principal and make it a school project.   Work with your School Band Director to play the song at halftime of your schools sporting events.

CTWT Players

Original Artists:

  • Quante “Mr. R & B”: Baltimore MD
  • Sir Wine: Tallahassee, FL
  • DuRanD: Savannah GA


  • Kidd on the Track: New Orleans, LA

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