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Ambassador Feature: Felicia

559733_10150773461497578_2120170020_n552849_10150773468827578_516057577_11934518_1047232314_nWhere are you from?  Im going to say Florida but my parents were in military so we moved around alot.
What is your profession?  I am a contractor on Hunter Army Airfield
How did you first hear about UHatin?® University(UHU)?  I first heard about UHatin? through Cheyanne Williams. I seen the campaign all through Savannah.  Cheyanne welcomed me to join and invited me to an event..
When did you get involved?  My first event International Girls Day @ Armstrong Nov 19 2011
How do you represent UHU?  I’m representing UHU by staying positive. I enjoy spreading the word about UHatin?.  I love children and I want every child to know their beautiful. I was picked on as a kid and it was a very hurtful experience. Our children are our future. Being a great rold model to young girls and single mothers. Also participating  and volunteering as much as possible.
What do you like most about the uLovin® Campaign and UHU? Positive message and the world movement.  They are trying to reach the youth now. Teaching children the meaning of love and not hate.
What do you think about the song “Change This World Together” initiative?  Its a positive song. It teaches kids that you dont have to curse or talk about crimes in songs for your voice to be heard. To remain positive and come together as one and not to judge each other.

Ambassador Feature: KMa

KmaMy name is Krista Marie. I am an ageless, timeless, big kid at heart. I am most known as a Media and Production Makeup Artist and Creative Director. The cast and crew started calling me K’ Ma on set to shorten my name.  I love working behind the scenes and inspiring others as they turn into character. In addition to working behind the scenes doing makeup, and creating projects while bringing networks/people together, I enjoy helping others bring out the best of themselves inside and out.
I enjoy making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Volunteering my expertise to survivors of abuse, the poor, and the homeless community brings me great joy and keeps me humble. Empowering others is something I have a passion for. I am inspired by others who have big dreams and I love working with Artist development. These people truly inspire my creativity.
I have a huge background of professions and education. In addition to becoming a Professional Makeup Artist and Creative Director, I am also an aspiring Actress. My first role was playing a lion tamer in my kindergarten play. I’ve been in some music videos, short films and just recently experienced what it was like to be in a scene in my first feature film “Ted”
Just a few past makings of me include a featured dancer on a television show as a teen, a hip hop performer in my early twenties, Certified Nursing Assistant, Rape Crisis Counselor, Homeless and Community Activist, Certified Addiction Specialist and Program Developer. I specialize in individual and group Motivational Counseling. Needless to say, I believe in creating a versatile life.
I first learned about UHU 4 years ago while working in the music industry with R&B Artist Quante Eggleston and fellow ambassador/model Cheyanne Mrs. Honey Williams. I represent UHU by becoming my own billboard for the campaign by wearing the apparel, spreading the word to other peoplevin the industry- nation wide about the movement, displaying the UHU banner to different events in the community to keep peace, volunteering my motivational works, and teaching ways to neutralize hate and respect each others differences at children’s parties and non profit organizations. I joyfully contribute to what ever is needed from me to other ambassadors of UHatin?. I’ve also been proud to have directed and created some of the first photo shoots of models wearing the apparel. In the future I would like to do more professional creative photo shoots for the campaign, create more motivational groups to empower others, and help and raise money for the campaign.
There are too many things to mention of what I  love most about UHU. The most important benefit of Uhatin? University is the campaign saves lives. Every life is important. Everyone counts because every person no matter where you come from or what you have been through can make a positive difference in another persons life.

Ambassador Kma representing Change This World Together #CTWT in her special way
I also particularly love the sense of unity we bring to the world. There are times we have to unlearn what we have learned in order to understand, accept and love. Let go of unhealthy relationships in healthy nonviolent ways. Learn to forgive wrong doings of others. Recognize abusive behavior. Educate our youth on awareness. Empower self control. Stand up step up, and step in. Learn to lose gracefully. Inspire through music, entertainment, and creativity. Be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. Children are bullied adults are bullied. De-escalating problems has no age limit, however the earlier in life we can inspire awareness the more opportunity for change.
The lyrics of Change this World Together couldn’t have been written better. “Divided we all will fall.” Divided because of things like  culture, life experience, social status, race, disability, age, different values and opinion. “We can do the opposite and bury the hate.” Bury the hate not the person. We will all come across feelings of hate, jealousy, or envy many times in our lives. Guess what? Congratulations, your human! What do you do when this happens? You recognize it and change your own stinkin’ thinkin’. After you recognize it you have the power and control to change it.
How do I lead by example as a role model and ambassador for UHU I stay aware. Respecting difference and allowing freedom of will. This way I recognize and take accountability of my own negative feelings or reactions before I am quick to judge others actions. Change my negative thinking by saying to myself Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Presto Neutralized! Empower and encourage others to do the same.
“Change this world together” Imagine all the people. Imagine if we could split the world in half. Everyone reached out their hand to one partner. Empowered their spirit and educated their mind. Imagine the possibilities. We can make a difference when we come together. If we can all lift up one person,  “Together we can make a better place. ” Together we will change this world. There is no dream too big.

My contact is always open for anyone anytime. Take my hand. If you wish, Bring someone with you with the other. 😉
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Krista K Ma Marie

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Ambassador Feature: Nachanza

Nachanza has jumped into this campaign and has never slowed down.  She visits schools, youth groups and adult gatherings spreading her story and the campaign’s positive message.  She volunteers on a daily basis and is a tremendous asset to the University.   “We are fortunate to have this beautiful lady and her entire family involved” says Dean Lovin “she is changing lives everywhere she goes.”

NachanzaWhere are you from? I am from Laurel, MD and I am 36

What is your profession? Recreational Assistant at the Hunter Army base in Savannah.

How did you first hear about UHatin?® University (UHU)? I learned about it through Quante’ Mr. R&B and I was moved to making a stand and getting more involved.

When did you get involved? I got involved in 2011

How do you represent UHU? I represent UHU by spreading the word and wisdom of why we should make it Popular Not To Hate and to encourage any and everyone that you can be and do better, never give up even when it seems hard, Success is the key in life.

What do you like most about the uLovin® Campaign and UHU?  I love the fact that anyone can be a part of it, and anything positive is always a great thing to be involved with, we can reach all walks of life in this organization.

What do you think about the song “Change This World Together” initiative? The song Change This World TogetUHU Team at workher is definitely a winner in my book, getting this song out encourages hope and reassures people that with each other we can make a change, it needs to implemented everywhere, everyday, in every way!

Contact Info: NaChanza A. Roberts