Ambassador Feature: Nachanza

Nachanza has jumped into this campaign and has never slowed down.  She visits schools, youth groups and adult gatherings spreading her story and the campaign’s positive message.  She volunteers on a daily basis and is a tremendous asset to the University.   “We are fortunate to have this beautiful lady and her entire family involved” says Dean Lovin “she is changing lives everywhere she goes.”

NachanzaWhere are you from? I am from Laurel, MD and I am 36

What is your profession? Recreational Assistant at the Hunter Army base in Savannah.

How did you first hear about UHatin?® University (UHU)? I learned about it through Quante’ Mr. R&B and I was moved to making a stand and getting more involved.

When did you get involved? I got involved in 2011

How do you represent UHU? I represent UHU by spreading the word and wisdom of why we should make it Popular Not To Hate and to encourage any and everyone that you can be and do better, never give up even when it seems hard, Success is the key in life.

What do you like most about the uLovin® Campaign and UHU?  I love the fact that anyone can be a part of it, and anything positive is always a great thing to be involved with, we can reach all walks of life in this organization.

What do you think about the song “Change This World Together” initiative? The song Change This World TogetUHU Team at workher is definitely a winner in my book, getting this song out encourages hope and reassures people that with each other we can make a change, it needs to implemented everywhere, everyday, in every way!

Contact Info: NaChanza A. Roberts




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