Ambassador Feature: Felicia

559733_10150773461497578_2120170020_n552849_10150773468827578_516057577_11934518_1047232314_nWhere are you from?  Im going to say Florida but my parents were in military so we moved around alot.
What is your profession?  I am a contractor on Hunter Army Airfield
How did you first hear about UHatin?® University(UHU)?  I first heard about UHatin? through Cheyanne Williams. I seen the campaign all through Savannah.  Cheyanne welcomed me to join and invited me to an event..
When did you get involved?  My first event International Girls Day @ Armstrong Nov 19 2011
How do you represent UHU?  I’m representing UHU by staying positive. I enjoy spreading the word about UHatin?.  I love children and I want every child to know their beautiful. I was picked on as a kid and it was a very hurtful experience. Our children are our future. Being a great rold model to young girls and single mothers. Also participating  and volunteering as much as possible.
What do you like most about the uLovin® Campaign and UHU? Positive message and the world movement.  They are trying to reach the youth now. Teaching children the meaning of love and not hate.
What do you think about the song “Change This World Together” initiative?  Its a positive song. It teaches kids that you dont have to curse or talk about crimes in songs for your voice to be heard. To remain positive and come together as one and not to judge each other.

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